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What is a Gnat

The Gnat is a delta shaped radio controlled flying aerial shotgun target. It has ten Firebird explosives on the underside of the wing, which are used for scoring. Generally the Gnat is shot at in teams of 4/5 guns and the aim of the exercise is to ultimately shoot it down. It can been done but it takes a lot of skill to do so.

Since it's inception there have been many developments to improve the Gnat with the emphasis on safety being paramount. The Gnat as we see it today is the best it has ever been.

Unlike most model aircraft that have flying restrictions due to wind speed and weather the Gnat can and has been flown in all weathers. We are proud to say that to date we have never had to cancel a Gnat Shoot due to the weather. This is mainly due to the skills of our pilots who have many years experience in flying model fixed wing aircraft and helicopters.

We have enjoyed the Gnats here at Raisthorpe Manor for a number of years at our Charity Shoots. All of the guns look forward to it immensely as it provides an exhilarating alternative to clay shooting. The organisation is excellent and the backup and expertise from the GNAT team ensures that a great day is had by all !