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About Us


Raisthorpe Manor is a truly wonderful estate where you can shoot simulated grouse, pheasant, partridge, duck and rabbits.

It will be one of the most enjoyable and memorable days shooting you will have and no doubt will want to return.


The Medforth family have been farming at Raisthorpe since 1969. A typical wold farm, Raisthorpe grows wheat, barley, oil seed rape and potatoes. David and Julia took over the business in the late eighties. They have two sons, Oliver and Edward who are both involved in the business.

Through the late nineties and early noughties they developed the shoot and built the shooting lodge which was used during the shooting season. To extend the shooting through the spring and summer months, Raisthorpe Flyers was established - simulated game shooting.

Around the same time, Julia was making raspberry gin for the shoot day’s elevenses drinks. The raspberry gin became so popular that people were asking to buy the gin! This is when Raisthorpe Fine Foods was developed. Both family run businesses run alongside each other and work together to make your day enjoyable.